Online banking changes

Changes to our online banking

We’re making a few changes to our online accounts, so it’ll be simpler for you to use. We’ve outlined below what the enhancements are and what this means for you.

We’re adding a new navigation bar

This will make it easier to switch between your account, documents, profile and to log out.

See the total amount from all your accounts

When you log in, you’ll soon see the total amount from all your savings at the top of your dashboard. This helps you see what your savings are at a glance. The current balance per account is shown below this.

Move money and manage account

We're relocating our ‘Move money’ button to make it more visible, so it’ll be easier for you to find and use. We're also adding in a new ‘Manage account’ button, so you can get to your documents or upload a form directly from your account page.

Adding a bonus

From time to time, we have a bonus on offer. Previously, you've said adding a bonus was a little hard to find. With this update, you'll be able to click through and see what bonus options are available on your account, just below your account information.

Print and download transactions

There's a few reasons you may need a copy of your transactions - proof of savings, budgeting, or to see how much interest you've earned. Soon, you’ll be able to produce these by clicking ‘print transactions’ or ‘download transactions’ at the top of your account activity.